Cart abandonment is a growing phenomenon in the e-Commerce industry: major studies find that 2 out of 3 operations remain incomplete. Here you’ll get some tips on some foolproof ways to reduce cart abandonment.


Shipping Fees

Show shipping fees up front. In most cases, shoppers abandon their carts because of the late inclusion of unexpected charges and fees. The best strategy is to include these shipping fees up front so shoppers know how much their items will cost.


Provide More Payment Methods

Often shoppers leave orders incomplete at the payment stage when they can’t find their preferred payment method. If they aren’t able to complete the order with the provided payment options, they’ll likely abandon their cart, or at the least leave the purchase for later. Avoid this by providing a wider range of payment options. Make sure your site accepts all standard credit cards as well as offering other popular payment options like PayPal.


Simplify Check Out Options

Customers also tend to abandon their carts when check out involves a large quantity of pages and stages. The online experience must be fast and simple, so it’s important to design a check out process that’s straightforward and user-friendly. Don’t require more than 4 steps - the fewer pages the better.

You can also make the process less tedious for shoppers by including a progress bar. A progress bar communicates that the shopper is moving forward and getting closer to the finish line with each step. It allows them to see how many steps are remaining, making the process more predictable and transparent - key qualities that incentivize customers to follow through in their purchases.


Follow these tips and techniques to reduce cart abandonment in your e-commerce store and increase sales!